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The Kings Ginger Liqueur Gift Pack with Hunting Flask 50cl


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Warming Ginger, lemon peel zest with fiery ginger in the finish. 1...

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Warming Ginger, lemon peel zest with fiery ginger in the finish. 1 x King's Ginger 50cl & Flask with 2 shot cups in leather case.
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Tasting Notes: Hay and straw, rich golden syrup.  It is unmistakably Ginger – a cloud of fresh natural ginger with a faint aura of zesty lemon swiftly entices the first sip. The initial flow of ginger syrup sweetness is gently interrupted by the tingle of fresh ginger and a subtle and gentle uplift of lemon citrus. Warm, fulfilling and of great length.

Inspired by the original spirit formulated in 1903 for His Majesty King Edward VII by Berry Bros. & Rudd, The King’s Ginger is golden in colour and delightfully robust in flavour. A revitalising and warming spirit that brings people together.

Small pocket size Flask & 2 shot cups, brass & 'leather' look finish, presented in a Gift Box

Serving Suggestion :  Wonderful on its own, over ice, with hot water.  perfect as the base for many, many cocktails - with Fizz for a Kings Fizz : Kings Mulled Cider - 50ml Kings Ginger, 150ml Cider, 150ml apple juice - gently heat, then serve with cinnamon stick, fresh lemon slice & blackberries.

Spirit Type : Ginger Liqueur

Size : 50cl

ABV: 29.9%

Producer : Berry Bros & Rudd

Country : England, UK

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