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Meet the Team


As an Independent Wine Merchant we hope that the freedom we enjoy when choosing wines is reflected in variety, quality and style.  We hope we are not too serious, but hope to show that we take wine seriously.  As the only way to find out about wine, is to drink wine – we hope to encourage you to come to our tastings (when COVID allows), try the ever changing Guest Wines at the PopUp Bar and to buy our wines.

Ranulf Middleton
The Boss

Not sure where or when Ranulf’s interest and love of all things wine began, but aiming to work in Harrods Wine Department started in his teens. Eventually getting a job there, his training and development began. After a few years he moved to The Boozy Rouge on the Kings Road, London – more development and drinking of wine.

After a spell in the wilderness Ranulf came back to the trade, starting D’Arcy Wine Merchants in 2006. As well as running the business, Ranulf leads most of the Wine Tastings, sources and buys the wine – enjoys the wine and talking to people about wine!

Max France
The LynchPin

Max is partial to a drop of French red wine and not always from Bordeaux, he enthusiastically enjoys the tastings. He claims some of the wines he buys are for his dad – think he just likes wine!

Max keeps the business ticking along, making sure the admin is done (everyone else can be bit vague), getting the new wines ready to sell, making sure there is stock of everything to sell. Sorts the warehouse, helps in the shop, sends out orders, answers the phone, tastes the wine. Not sure what we would do without him.

Merlin Middleton
Jack of all Trades

Did we say we also sell beer and spirits – well Merlin is fond of Clavell & Hinds Cotswold Pilsner, most spirits and South African Pinotage. Quite a mixed bag. Having worked in catering & hospitality for 10 years he seems to know his way around a wine list.

Merlin looks after the PopUp Bar, turning the shop into a bar as required, moving everything around. Choosing the Guest Wines each week is the only slightly glamorous task – all other jobs seem to entail drills, hammers, ladders and a bit of muscle.

Hope Howells
The Bones

Known as the Rose Queen for many years, Hope is now developing a taste for the lighter red wines, especially Italian Pinot Noir and Lebanese Carignan – and probably quite a few other wine styles as well. Almost forgot, she rather likes Champagne too.

The Shop, website and most things retail fall under Hope’s control – the boys tread carefully in these areas. Dreaming up tastings, writing the wine notes, sharing on social media – all part of the job, and all require tasting.