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Santome Sanrichard Rosso Spumante


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Dry and fruity. Rich and creamy Red Sparkler.  More Info Tasting Notes: Rich...

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Vineyard: Tenuta Santome

Dry and fruity. Rich and creamy Red Sparkler. 

More Info

Tasting Notes: Rich and creamy mousse.  The colour is ruby red with purple tinges. Aromas that are spontaneous and pleasing. Floral hints of wild violets, wild strawberries,  raspberries, blackberries and pomegranates. with a light nuanced balsamic note at the end. 
The palate is fresh and well-rounded, sugars well balanced with natural acidity, delicate tannins. Fruity persistence in the finish. 

"A sparkling red wine with the bold, native spirit of Raboso Piave.
The inspirational saga of Santomè continues.

First came Tommaso (Santhomas)  now comes brother Richard (Sanrichard); red, sparkling and vivacious, brandishing forth the ardent heart of Raboso.
A new and quintessential “tile” in the Santome wine mosaic is added: enhancing the family’s stature, displaying the estate’s fullness of choices.

From its first tentative steps, Santomè has since courageously leapt forward; the utterances of its infancy now matured into a lion’s full-fledged roar
A roar however, that leaves a seductively delightful taste in the mouth…" Spinazzi Family

Food Match :   Best served at a low temperature of 8/10°C.
Perfect with salami, prosciutto, pancetta, cured lard, sausages, mortadella, white meat sauce pasta, boiled as well as grilled meats. Ideal with a bowl of strawberries and raising the
temperature to 12°C is a perfect dessert complement.

ABV: 12%

Grape : Raboso Piave

Producer : Tenuta Santome

Country : Veneto, Italy

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