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Domfont Louis de Lauriston Fine Calvados 70cl


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Floral and fruity character of pear & apple with mineral notes More...

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Floral and fruity character of pear & apple with mineral notes

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Tasting Notes: A very fruity nose, with a palate of apples and pears.  This is a young calvados, aged for 2 years in oak casks. Domfront Calvados has a high percentage of pears compared to others, which is where it's unique character comes from.

The fruit is crushed in a mechanical grater and the pulp is taken to the press in jute bags. The fruit is pressed in the traditional way, with superimposed layers of bags separated by open racks. : The apple and pear juice from the press is transferred to wooden casks where it ferments slowly during the cold winter months. The sugar in the juice is transformed into alcohol and the cider begins to sparkle. : After several months the cider contains no more sugar and is said to be "dry”. It is then ready for distillation. It is distilled in a column-type still, in a single pass. A clear spirit, with an aroma of apples and pears, runs from the still. : In order to preserve the savours of fruit, only old barrels and recycled casks are used. The casks are mostly small so as to promote evaporation and exchanges with the wood. Thus, the Calvados ages slowly progressively acquiring its natural amber hue, its subtle aromas and its length on the palate. The fragrance of fresh fruit is complemented by hints of preserved fruit and spices. The Calvados increases in concentration and richness.


Serving Suggestion :  Perfect over ice, as a cocktail or in an Apple Toddy. Excellent with most fruit based puddings. For a long drink mix 1 part calvados to 2 parts ginger beer, add a wedge of lime - perfect, refreshing long drink. 

Spirit Type : Brandy

Size : 70cl

ABV: 40%

Producer : Comte Louis de Lauriston

Country : Domfront, Normandy, France

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