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Havana Club 7 Year Old Dark Rum 70cl


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“The very essence of Cuban rum” More Info Tasting Notes:  The Cuban...

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Vineyard: D'Arcy Wines

“The very essence of Cuban rum”

More Info

Tasting Notes: 

The Cuban rum Havana Club 7 Años is highly versatile. Crafted for sipping, it can be enjoyed on the rocks and is ideal for your cocktails. This dark rum, matured in ex-Bourbon barrels, showcases the rich natural flavours of Cuba. The spirit unveils the tastes of the Cuban terroir: aromatic tobacco, sweet tropical fruits, molasses, spices, and vanilla from the continuous ageing process, enhanced by the slow release of aromas.s.

The Cuban rum Havana Club 7 perfectly demonstrates the versatility of high-quality rum, the expertise of our Rum Masters and their deep commitment to a complex rum aging process.

Serving Suggestion : 

Rum Old Fashioned

50ml Havana 7

2 dashes Aromatic bitters

1 tsp White Sugar

Orange peel

Stir sugar with the bitters and a touch of the rum to dissolve. Stir with ice until diluted to desired 

Spirit Type : Rum

Size : 70cl

ABV: 40%

Producer : Havana Club

Country : Havana, Cuba

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