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Camilo Castilla Capricho de Goya Dulce 50cl


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Raisined sweetness with bitter orange balance. Charming complexity. More Info Tasting Notes:...

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Vineyard: Camilo Castilla

Raisined sweetness with bitter orange balance. Charming complexity.

More Info

Tasting Notes: The aroma and taste have notes of raisins, currants, freshly roasted coffee, sugar-pickled prunes & figs, roasted almonds and the tangy acid element of orange peel that keeps the good 200 grams of residual sugar in perfect balance.

The durability is almost infinite – even after opening! Serve the wine chilled, but not refrigerator cold, more specifically around 12 °.

The wine is first stored for approximately three years outdoors in 60 litre glass ‘demi-johns’, out in the open on top of the winery.  The changing temperatures - sweltering heat of summer, snow in winter and the varying light give the wine the special oxidative and secondary aromas that are also seen in the wines from Banyuls and Rivesaltes, which for some of the wines are exposed to same treatment.  The demijohns aren’t emptied completely, but like in a solera system for sherry some is taken out when new wine is added, so it is a mixture of many vintages. You can see from the level in the demijohns that some of the wine evaporates, accounting for the alcohol by volume ending up at 15.5% even though the wine was fortified only to 15%.

Then the wine is aged in old large wooden casks for 2 years for the basic version (Goya), and 3 years for the house specialty (Capricho de Goya). The old casks are really old in this case, as some of them are still the original from 1856! Unlike new casks they do not give off any flavour to the wine, they just allow oxygen to get to the wine.

Total aging of 7 years.

Capricho de Goya Moscatel is produced by Bodegas Camilo Castilla, the oldest producer in the Navarre district. Over 100 years ago, the calcareous clay soil was planted with moscatel de gran menudo, which is identical to muscat blanc á petit grains, the best muscat variety. 

Food Match : Delicious over ice on it's own. Wonderful with Almond Cake, Dark Chocolate Puddings, Ice Cream with caramelized sauces and dried fruits.

ABV: 15.5%

Grape : Muscat

Producer : Camilo Castilla

Country : Navarra, Spain

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