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Boatyard Double Gin 70cl


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Juniper led - prefect for a Classic G&T, Ice & Slice. More...

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Juniper led - prefect for a Classic G&T, Ice & Slice.

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Tasting Notes:  A smooth, juniper led dry gin with notes of citrus crush and floral sweetness.  The 'double' in Boatyard Double gin refers to the distillation process and purists approach of placing juniper at both the start and the end of the process.  The juniper first rests in wheat spirit in the still along with the other organic botanicals.  The final spirit then flows through juniper once again in the vapour chamber.  This double contact method results in a more pronounced juniper flavour.

Botanicals : Juniper, Coriander, Liquorice Root, Angelica, Orris, Citrus, Grains of Paradise, Sweet Gale.

Serving Suggestion : Perfect for a Classic G&T with ice & slice. 

Spirit Type : Gin

Size : 70cl

ABV: 46%

Producer : The Boatyard Distillery

Country : Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

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