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1826 French Martini Handcrafted Cocktails


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OFFER £22.50 was £24.95  :  1826 Smoky French Martini Pre-Bottled Cocktail. More...

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OFFER £22.50 was £24.95  :  1826 Smoky French Martini Pre-Bottled Cocktail.

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Tasting Notes: Enjoy an indulgent twist on a legendary serve with the Cognac Espresso Martini from 1826. Expertly handcrafted, with the highest quality ingredients and Courvoisier cognac, all that’s left to do is shake, pour and enjoy. Enjoy a surprising twist on a classic cocktail with the Smoky French Martini from 1826, made with premium ingredients and Laphroaig peated whisky.

On the bustling London docks of 1826, Thomas Lowndes founded his business importing and exporting spirits around the globe. Starting with Jamaican Rum and Dutch Geneva Gin, Lowndes slowly expanded his portfolio. Taking inspiration from all around the world, 1826 brings together the experience of great spirits with premium ingredients to create the ultimate cocktail experience at home.

Serving Suggestion : Chill a martini glass in the freezer. Shake the 1826 Smoky French Martini well with ice for that iconic frothy head and pour in to chilled glass. Garnish with a fresh raspberry.

Size : 50cl

ABV: 20%

Producer : Thomas Lowndes & Co 

Country : London UK

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