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Wardingtons Original Ludlow Single Malt English Whiskey : Distillers Cut Cask Edition No.3 Edition Islay Cask 70cl


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Limited Edition Distillers Cut Whiskey More Info Tasting Notes: Probably the smallest whisky...

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Limited Edition Distillers Cut Whiskey

More Info

Tasting Notes: Probably the smallest whisky distillery in these sceptred isles... Wardingtons Original.  

The second cask edition release of Wardington's Original Single Malt Whisky is an Islay cask finish. Only 400 numbered bottles produced.  Medium-bodied, light in colour, with fragrant notes of heather-honey, butterscotch and crème caramel, balanced with a touch of peatiness and hints of peaty smoke from the Islay cask.

Wardington's call it the glorious trinity: fine ingredients, refined craft and a little patience - all combine to create a serious and perfectly balanced single malt

"A hearty wort full of barley flavour

We use an interesting combination of the finest English malt, as well as the finest Scottish peated malt; it’s simple,
to make the best single malt whisky, you must start with the finest ingredients. Then you find the best people –
we worked with a master brewer, Jimmy Swan, to develop a unique process that enables us to get the fullest flavour and highest conversion of sugar. Made in small batches, a longer fermentation ensures maximum flavour. Spent grains from the brewing of the wort are collected by local farmers and used as animal feed.

A precisely controlled distillation

At the heart of what we do is our wood-fired 200l German column still, unique in the British Isles. The four copper plates gently quadruple-distil the spirit, ensuring maximum contact with the developing vapours and that all impurities are removed. We're super obsessed with controlling the distillation. Heads and tails are carefully removed by smell and taste – not by numbers. This means we make a more precise spirit with a much higher ABV than normal; it's super smooth and deliciously sweet, there's absolutely no compromise, the result is a refined spirit bursting with barley flavour. Hot liquid from the condenser and from the previous batches are used to warm the next batch for distillation, thereby reducing our fuel consumption.

A little love and a lot of patience

The spirit is carefully poured into an American single-use, ex-bourbon barrel. It’s here that the spirit adopts its gentle oaky flavour; we don't completely fill the barrel, allowing the spirit to breathe and develop a better flavour. We double cask mature: after some time, the spirit is transferred into a previously used single malt Scottish whisky barrel for finishing, which softens the oaky bourbon notes and allows a little more of a comfortable rest in the final stages of ageing. Only when it’s perfectly ready do we gently water it down with purified water from the Welsh marches, then gently non-chill filter to our hearty house strength of 42%. After such care and attention, we lovingly bottle, wrap and box by hand. 

Limited bottling cask editions

Over the next three years we will release 400 bottles every six months. Each edition with have a unique cask finish, enabling you to build a collection of our various limited releases. " Wardington's

Serving Suggestion : On it's own of course

Spirit Type : Whiskey

Size : 70cl

ABV: 42%

Producer : Wardingtons Original 

Country : Ludlow, Shropshire, England

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