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CELLAR FAVOURITES : 12 Bottles of good every day drinking wines


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 Offer Price £116.00  includes delivery Mainland UK (Normal price £126.70) A Selection...

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Vineyard: Mixed vineyard

 Offer Price £116.00  includes delivery Mainland UK (Normal price £126.70) A Selection of 12 different wines chosen from some of our favourites, all excellent value and excellent to drink.

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Tasting Notes: For more information on each wine click on the wine name.

Lessini Durello Spumante NV £10.80 x 1 Grape : Durello from Veneto, Italy. Clean, fresh fruits, crisp acidity with added depth of flavour.

Pasquiers Rose Pays d'Oc £8.79 x 1 Grape : Grenache & Cinsalut from the Languedoc-Rousillion area of France.  This luscious blend has abundant rich berry flavours of Grenache and tangy Cinsault. Dry but with an appealing roundness and fresh finish. So ripe and so soft and fruity that it's hard to believe it's 'technically' dry.

The Myth of Motu Nui Sauvignon Blanc £9.99 x 1 Grape : Sauvignon Blanc from Aconcagua, Chile. Aromatic, vibrant and crisply textural. A perfect cold climate Sauvignon Blanc

Aromo Viognier £9.49 x 1 : Grape :  100% Viognier from Maule Valley, Chile. Fruity & Juicy!  Rich in flavour & texture with lovely mineral finish

La Loupe Grenache Blanc £9.89 x 1 :  Grape : Grenache Blanc from the Languedoc, France. It is a wine made to be enjoyed young and fresh, with a mid-bodied palate rich with flavours of acacia, peach and greengages balanced by a dry mineral finish.

Turning Heads Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc £12.79 x 1 : Grape :  Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. Vibrant gooseberry, tropical fruits & lime. Crisp refreshing acidity.

Calusari Pinot Noir £8.99 x 1 : Grape : Pinot Noir from Viili Timisului, Romania.  This is a strikingly aromatic Pinot Noir with violets and dried cherries on the nose with hints of tobacco but its real asset is a fantastically juicy, berry palate and a silky smooth, delicious finish.

Pacifico sur Cabernet Sauvignon £8.39 x 1 : Grape : Cabernet Sauvignon from Central Valley, Chile. Firm & full bodied. Fruit driven with cherries, ripe black fruits & vanilla. Juicy tannins with notes of plum and dried fruits with tobacco. A long persistent finish. 

Manoso Joven Tinto Rioja £9.29 x 1 : Grape : Tempranillo the Rioja region, Spain. Soft, fruity and medium - bodied, youthful by name and vibrant by nature.

Cielo Viamare Sangiovese Primitivo £9.49 x 1 : Grape : Sangiovese & Primitivo from Puglia, Italy.   Aromas of ripe red fruits with light spicy notes. The palate is rich and rounded with delicious ripe red berry flavours, smooth well integrated tannins. The Sangiovese brings the ripe dark berry fruit flavours - full and rich, the Primitivo adds freshness and texture.

The Last Stand Shiraz £8.89 x 1 : Grape : Shiraz from Victoria, Australia .  Aromas of rich, ripe fruits with leather. Dark cherry, mulberry and plum with black pepper notes that integrate beautifully with the smooth, supple savoury tannins. 

Punto Alto Malbec £9.95 x 1 : Grape : Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina.  Concentrated palate of bramble fruits & black cherries. Velvety with chocolate finish.

Easy drinking, good every day wines.  A few in the selection are still top of the buyers selection, with a few new entries.

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