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James Eadie's Trade Mark 'X' Blended Scotch Whiskey


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Reviving the famous James Eadie Trade Mark 'X' after 70 yrs. An...

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Vineyard: James Eadie Ltd

Reviving the famous James Eadie Trade Mark 'X' after 70 yrs. An elegant, peaty dram offering a rare glimpse into the art of blending from the first Golden Age of Scotch Whiskey.

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Tasting Notes:  Sharp lemon and orange citrus note leading to a more savoury cereal note, some hints of honey, with a touch of spice - cloves and some nutmeg. The finish is on the heavy side, but reasonably clean, with sweet cereal notes enduring alongside some of that sharper, grassy note.

Rupert Patrick, the great-great grandson, decided to revive his ancestor's famous James Eadie's Trade Mark, he first tracked down Mr. Eadie's ledgers, and discovered a forgotten blend of today's most sought-after malts and grain. Then, he sampled one of the last surviving bottles from the 1940s with a panel of experts. Finally, he invited Norman Mathison, one of Scotland's finest Master Blenders, to bring James Eadie's whisky back to life.

Serving Suggestion :  Perfect on it's own - or with ice.

Spirit Type : Blended Scotch Whiskey

Size : 70cl

ABV: 45.6%

Producer : James Eadie Ltd

Country : Scotland

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