Wine for Turkey

Posted on December 07, 2017

Christmas Turkey Lunch or Dinner.  Although turkey is a lighter meat, when you add in all the trimmings - jammy cranberry sauce, bread sauce, sausages, stuffing, red cabbage, caramelised carrots - well you get the picture, this isn't normally a light meal.  So if opting for a White Wine, go for something with a little weight, a fuller bodied wine like


Domaine de la Motte Chablis 2015

This is rich and flavoursome, with creamy full bodied fruits, that won't be over powered by the bread sauce and will cut through the jammy cranberry sauce. Mineral, citrus notes with good acidity help balance all the trimmings, cleansing your palate as you go.



If you prefer Red Wine, or perhaps want to offer both Red and White Wine at your Christmas Table

Pacifico Sur Pinot Noir Reserva 2016

This is a sophisticated fruit driven wine, lots of jammy fruits but light and enticing.  This will not over power the turkey (or goose), and if the meat is a little dry, this will work very well. Turkey is not a fatty meat, so avoid wines with strong tannis - this Pinot Noir has soft fine tannins so will balance and blend with meat very well.

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