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Which type of vino are you?

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It is claimed there are four types of wine drinker 

Sweet: Very picky about their wines - along with most other things in their lives, say researchers. They want something sweet, light, and not too strong. 70% of these drinkers are women. They also typically love soda, and excess salt.

Hypersensitive: Similar to the picky, sweet category, but with a slightly more open mind about exploring new wines - provided they’re simple and clean. Researchers say these people are most likely to complain about TV volume and thermostat temperature.

Sensitive: Bang in the middle of the wine-drinking spectrum; flexible and adventurous. The researchers say these people will also tend to display signs of being free-spirited and less rigid in everyday life.

Tolerant: Finally, we’ve got the show-offs. People in this category demand intensity from their wines, big bold flavours, and just don’t get how others like drinking 'wimpy' wines. They tend to be decisive and more linear thinkers. Their wine preferences point to rich, very intensely flavoured whites and full-bodied reds. People who like strong coffee and cheese gravitated towards these wines in the tests. 

If people fall into the above groups, then their palates fall into the above groups too. So wine recommended by the sommelier is probably not the best fit.  We chose our foods and coffee according to our palate likes or dislikes, so surely that should follow through to wine choice.  Being told that a wine is the perfect match for a particular food dish doesn't take into account the individuals palate.

Typical food and wine pairings are a good place to start selecting the perfect wine, you need somewhere to start.  Trying the suggested pairing will help you discover what works for you. We all need to explore to find the perfect wine for our palate - so open the bottle and taste.

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