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Pumpkin Wine Match

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Need a helping hand to choose something to compliment Pumpkin Pie?  Well it is Halloween!


The sweet, soft textures of pumpkin need a soft, rounded mouth feel.  Something like the Crossings Pinot Gris which is brimming with pear drop and nutty characters, leading to flavours of stone fruit and honey. The palate is full with wonderful balance between fruit sweetness and acidity with a refreshing crisp finish. 

The nutty flavour is a perfect match.

Crossings Pinot Gris 2015 £10.20



Or perhaps 

Nugan Estate Third Generation Chardonnay 2014 £8.25

This dry, full bodied chardonnay - no oak! has roasted nuts, spice with delicious peach will enhance any pumpkin dish. The warmth of Australian sun has ripen the grapes to a delicious rounded finish.

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