Is this the year to get interested in wine?

Posted on February 23, 2017

The majority of wine drinkers in the UK choose wine by the country and grape variety, some will stick to the same wines, most do not.  Those who buy wine in the supermarkets will buy with their eyes - labels play a big part, as well as the price.  Do you remember 3 for a Tenner?  Then everyone claiming they wouldn't spend more than a fiver - well it's probably moved on a bit from then. There are still great deals to be had, it's the help in finding them that's key.

If you're exploring wine on your own, you've obviously got to taste it, which means spending money.  A big mistake is thinking that by spending more on a bottle, you are guaranteed a good wine. The best way to explore is to engage with someone like your local wine merchant, especially one that does regular wine tastings. Ask about the wine, where does it come from, what's the grape variety, who is the wine maker - find out the back story, it's usually very interesting and helps with locking in the information. 

We hold regular Wine Tastings at Bars & Restaurants in Gloucestershire, as well as at the Wine Warehouse.  Check the Events page for dates.


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