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Wine Snobs - don't become one yourself!

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There are snobs in Oh so many areas of life - travel, literature, foodies, theatre.... and wine would be right up there with the best of them, when attracting snobs.  We've all met people who competitively critique their hosts party plonk. So how to deal with them?  Apart from politely smiling and backing away, you could have a little fun.

Wine snobs usually have at least a little knowledge, why not find out what it is - ask general questions about wine. It's possible they might calm down a bit and actually be okay - although, they might not. People who feel the need to pontificate about their subject are often insecure, so when faced with questions often back away themselves.  

If they don't pipe down maybe join in.  Hold your glass up to the light, tilt to one side - eventually someone will ask what you see. Just respond with 'Interesting, very interesting'. Listen to their descriptive critique - but please don't compete - reply 'Do you really think so.... hmmm, interesting'  Keep it vague!  

I find that wine tasting with someone who doesn't A. Know what they're talking about B. Rams their opinion down everyone else's throat C. Lacks empathy with a group of fellow wine tasting explorers - Boring and disappointing! Well actually - a right pain in the proverbial.  Wine tasting and Wine drinking is meant to be fun and sociable.  I recommend getting together with a group of friends - that's people you like, choosing a few wines, and taste! Make comments if you like - Or don't if you prefer. Make notes - Or don't. But above all else - Enjoy!

Remember - don't cross the void and become a boring wine snob yourself!


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