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Safe wine choice for supper party

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We all doubt our ability to pick the right wines for our guests.  And...most supper parties will have six or more guests all liking different wines - so what to do??

When in doubt, stick with the tried & trusted favourite grapes - Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

White Wine : Sauvignon Blanc's tend to be light and crisp.  There's no oak!  If your guests like fruity wine - there's enough fruit flavour. If your guests like dry Pinot Grigio, they'll be happy with Sauv Blanc. This is of course is putting Sauvignon Blanc into very general and simple terms - the wine has much more to offer than just being a safe bet!  The grape variety tends to soak up the terrior, taking a different flavour wherever it is planted. French SB's are often more rounded, softer in flavour whereas New Zealand SB's take on herbaceous, minerally flavours, as well as tropical & gooseberry fruits - this style is now found in Chile, South Africa and the Languedoc.

Red Wine : Pinot Noir is a lighter red wine, a safe bet to go with everything. It pairs well with steak, creamy pasta sauces, fish - covers all choices. This wine is fruity, perfumed and leaves a lovely lingering taste. It's essential characteristic, is it's charm. When young this wine has raspberries, cherries, strawberries & violets - with age smoke, liquorish & earthy tones. Fine Pinot Noir's are found in Burgundy, slighty more 'coarse', countrified ones from a little further south. Countries with cool enough climate around the world try to emulate Burgundy's success with this grape. Chile, Australia & New Zealand are doing particularly well.

Sauvignon Blanc's to try :



Les Terres Rares Sauvignon Eelegance £7.75

Light & elegant. A soft and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from the Cotes du Tarn region just north east of Toulouse, vibrant flavours of citrus, passion fruit and white flowers.




Pacifico sur Sauvignon Blanc £6.69

Crisp and refreshing. Rich and zingy grapefruit & citrus flavours that combine deliciously with well rounded acidity. The bold body, rich and intense fruit flavours pair well with Fish, Shellfish,Poultry, Pasta with cream sauces, all types of vegetables, Cheese.



Click here for > D'Arcy's Sauvignon Blanc Selection

Pinot Noir's to try :



Domaine de Cabriac Pinot Noir £9.50

An aromatic success with subtly and persistence. Opening with morello cherry, bitter chocolate and raspberry. The profile is young, nearly new wine. Then come dried fruit, fig, fresh hazelnut, and at the end some redcurrant. On the whole fresh and delicate with a real persistency in the finish.



Sierra Grande Pinot Noir £6.29

This Delicate and elegant Pinot Noir is a wonderful marriage of plum and wild strawberry fruit flavours with gentle smokey notes. A wine full of finesse leading to a long pure lingering finish.


Click here for > D'Arcy's Pinot Noir Selection


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