UNESCO World Heritage Wine Regions

Posted on November 09, 2015

The Wine Regions of the World are found in some of the most beautiful places in the World.  Stunning landscapes dotted with ancient architectural villages, towns & cities.  The chateau, barns and palazzo are all part of the fine heritage of this noble trade.  The land has been cultivated and cared for throughout the centuries, often owned by the wealthiest and/ or the ruling families of the time. 

 Loire Valley, France 

UNESCO have added many Wine Regions to their list since their first list in 1978, the most recent addition is Burgundy, France. They joined their neighbor Champagne earlier this year. The added honour of being on the list, raises the region to a higher level, almost a prestige branding. DOCG with an extra gold star - Premier League.  If you were looking to do some vineyard visiting, then checking out the list would be a good place to start. Having visited many of the regions, I am never disappointed with the view - and I'm not just looking at the wine, although we usually do that too! Vineyard visiting really does feed the body and the soul.

For more info on some listed Wine Regions, the following article has seven great places to consider.

Seven UNESCO World Heritage Wine Regions to visit by Chris Mercer, Decanter Magazine

If your wine region decided to apply to join UNESCO's list, the cost would probably be about £100,000. Is it worth it? Well getting the extra Gold Star alongside your brand, can't be bad now can it? The protection of the listing to your area was actively sort by Champagne, they want as much protection for their designated area as possible. Makes sense really. The more the region is prized and protected the less likely any outsider can encroach on the boundaries, be that the land or the wine.

 Duoro Valley, Portugal

Benefits & Costs by Mike Veseth is a great read, excellent questioning of the implications.

UNESCO World Heritage Wine Regions : Benefits & Costs by Mike Veseth, The Wine Economist

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