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Wine Fraud : Chateau Sucker

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D'Arcy Wine pride themselves on selecting wines that deliver on taste and quality - consistently. Some of our wines are considered Fine Wines, some good enough to lay down in your cellar for further aging and improvement before drinking - but we have never ventured into the arena of Rare-Wine Collecting.  

In 2012 Rudy Kurnianwan was finally found out.  For a few short years he bought, sold and tasted some of the 'great' wines of the last century. This young man with very deep pockets managed to convince some of the top wine experts in the world of his unerring nose & palate and his skillful sleuthing of fine & rare wines. He generously shared his wine tastings, creating a buzz within New York's wine elite. Before greed finally pushed him too far.  Selling bottles of wines that never existed, cases of rare wines - when only one or two had ever come onto the market previously. Selling off vast quantities of his private cellar - all of which were, well - Rare! Thousands of bottles of rare wine! Needless to say, he is now serving 10 years for fraud.  

This is a great read, and apparently there might be a film about it.

Wine Fraud  An article about greed and creative duplicity, from the New York Magazine

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