Tips on how to Taste Wine

Posted on October 20, 2015

 "Anyone can taste wine, all you need is a glass of wine and your brain" Wine Folly

Wine Folly www.winefolly.com is one of the best

educational wine websites around. They break the process down, so that the newest beginner can follow. There is no snobbery, just a step by step guide to furthering your enjoyment of wine.

The piece below, is part of a larger article - but will hopefully give you an idea of how they operate. 

"Learn how to taste with these four basic steps.

How to Taste Wine

1. Look

Check out the color, opacity and viscosity (wine legs). You don’t really need to spend more than 5 seconds on this step.

2. Smell

Pick out at least 2 flavors and take your time identifying them. There are 3 types of wine aromas:

  • Primary Aromas come from grapes and include fruit, herb and flower notes
  • Secondary Aromas come from fermentation and yeast aromas.
  • Tertiary Bouquets come from aging, oxidation and oak such as baking spices, nutty aromas and vanilla.

3. Taste

Two elements make up taste: flavor and structure.

  • Flavors such as lemon, raspberry or coconut.
  • Structure such as the level of sweetness, body, alcohol, acidity, and tannin.
  • Profile The taste of wine is also time-based, there is a beginning, middle (mid-palate) and end (finish).

4. Conclude

Did the wine taste balanced or out of balance? Did you like the wine? Was this wine unique or unmemorable? Were there any characteristics that shined through and impressed you?"

Taken from Article by Wine Folly

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