This Week's Food Match

Posted on August 12, 2015

Fish'n'Chips with Champagne! The Perfect Match.

Let's keep it simple - well it is holiday time.  Here in Cheltenham we are incredibly lucky to have Simpson's Fish and Chips Restaurant & Takeaway, the multi award winning Fish & Chip shop. But we're fairly certain that most of you in the UK, have their own excellent Chippie on their doorstep.  So taking in the holiday spirit of August - This Week's Food Match is Takeaway Cod & Chips with Chassenay d'Arce Premier Cuvee Champagne NV. If you're on holiday - you should definitely try this!

Simpsons Fish & Chips   

Chassenay d'Arce Champagne on offer at £21.00 (usually £27.00)

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