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Well, a study of 20,000 women over 13-years by Harvard University found that those who drank half a bottle of wine a day had a 70 per cent reduced risk of obesity compared to non-drinkers. Good news so far girls & boys?? Another study, presented at the European Conference on Obesity in Prague last week, found that a glass of red wine every night increased the levels of the ‘good’ cholesterol HDL. It just gets better!

It seems that if we're allowed to indulge occasionally we will preserve longer with being good about our diet. A glass of wine each day, makes us feel less hard done by, and stops those sugar cravings. On balance a small glass of wine is better than all the sugary snacks. Red wine is better for you than white wine on account of its antioxidant qualities.

Moderation in everything is good for you. Excessive dieting usually falls by the way side - so eat a balanced healthy diet and enjoy with a glass of red wine or two.

Full Article in the Daily Mail 

Two Red Wines to try. Both are light, easy drinking and very good value.

Bei Tempi Sangiovese DOC £5.89

 Sierra Grande Pinot Noir £6.29

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