Posted on April 17, 2015

Today is World Malbec Day! 17th April. Established in 2011 to commemorate the day in 1853 when Argentinian President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento asked French soil expert Michel Aime Pouget to bring over new vines to Argentina. Malbec being one of the many selected. A blessing as many years later, and then decades later again - France suffered blights that all but destroyed the Malbec vines growing there. Malbec has flourished in Argentina.

One Day, One Celebration, One Global Superstar 

We have several Malbec Wines and Malbec blends - all delicious and worth trying. Malbec is an accessible wine, both in taste and price.

D'Arcy Malbec's

The Meaty Malbec, produced by The Beef Steak Club, Mendoza, Argentina.

It definitely matches well with - Steak!


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