Need Help Choosing Wine?

Posted on November 24, 2016

How to choose wine when you know nothing about wine?

So where to start? Well we recommend visiting your local wine merchant, somewhere like our Wine Warehouse - open Saturday's 10am to 1pm or by appointment.  So got the plug in early!  Your local wine merchant usually will have knowledgeable, and hopefully helpful staff to chat you.  Most wine merchants offer tastings - take advantage of them, tasting wine is the best way to find out what you like.

Walking into a well stocked wine shop is over whelming. The rows & rows of bottles - different colours - inside & out, umpteen countries, pretty labels, wide ranging prices - it goes on & on.  Now you could choose by the look of the label - but, please don't! The other popular way of choosing is to follow the advice of the 'shelf talker' (the little label on the shelf that tells you about the wine - how many points it has etc.). Now listening to a wine expert is no bad thing, and the points system is also good - but it still might not be to your palate's liking.

Create a relationship with your local wine merchant. Tell them what your tastes are, this will help them and you to understand what you're looking - which wines suit your palate. Over time, and tasting you will discover much about your personal tastes and likes. A good wine merchant will help you search, and point you in the right direction.

 If you're not lucky enough to find a local wine merchant, that offers tastings and advice, then go it alone. To learn about your palate, try a different varietal each time you pick up a bottle.  Trying new varietals, vintages and styles is a great way to build up knowledge, and what works for you. Pour that glass and taste it - develop your own palate. 

Bars & restaurants often hold wine tasting & supper nights. This is a great way to discover different wines, and a great chance to discuss and hear other wine lovers thoughts.  Remember, just because someone dislikes a wine that you like, doesn't make either of you wrong - you just have different palates.

We regularly hold tastings at our Wine Warehouse, if you're interested - sign up at bottom of page for news.  Every Saturday from now till Christmas there will be a wine tasting, we are focusing on Party Wines, Christmas Lunch Wine suggestions, Wine Gifts and something for that special meal.  

Warehouse Wine Tasting : Saturday 26th November 10am to 1pm


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